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Ford commonly refers to:

  • Ford Motor Company, an automobile manufacturer founded by Henry Ford
  • Ford (crossing), a shallow crossing on a river

Ford may also refer to:

Ford Motor Company

  • Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company
  • Ford Foundation, established by Henry and Edsel
  • Ford Australia
  • Ford Brasil
  • Changan Ford
  • Ford Motor Company of Canada, Canadian subsidiary
  • Ford of Britain
  • Ford of Europe, the successor of British, German and Irish subsidiaries
  • Ford Germany
  • Ford Lio Ho
  • Ford New Zealand
  • Ford Motor Company Philippines
  • Ford Romania
  • Ford SAF, the French subsidiary between 1916 and 1954
  • Ford Motor Company of South Africa
  • Fordson, the tractor and truck manufacturing arm of the Ford Motor Company
  • Ford Vietnam
  • Ford World Rally Team (aka Ford Motor Co. Team prior to 2005), Ford Motor Company's full factory World Rally Championship team (1978–2012)
  • Ford Performance
  • Henry Ford & Son Ltd, Ireland
  • List of Ford vehicles, models referred to as Ford

Arts and entertainment

  • The Ford (painting), a 1644 painting by Claude Lorrain
  • Ford, a religious figure in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World
  • Ford and Mistress Ford, characters in William Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • Ford Cruller, a character in Psychonauts
  • Ford Fairlane, a character in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane named after an automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company
  • Ford Prefect (character), in Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Kira Ford, a Power Rangers Dino Thunder character
  • Judge J.J. Ford, a character in The Westing Game
  • Grunkle Ford, a character in the animated series Gravity Falls

Businesses and organizations

  • Ford Hospital and Research Centre, Bihar, India
  • Ford Hotel, a historic hotel in central Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Ford Instrument Company
  • Ford Library (disambiguation), several libraries
  • Ford Models, an American modeling agency
  • The Ford Meter Box Company, an American manufacturer
  • Ford's Theatre, Washington D.C., U.S.
  • Ford Tractor Company, a manufacturer of tractors in 1916–17, not related to Ford Motor Company
  • Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – Asili, a Kenyan political party
  • Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – Kenya, a Kenyan political party
  • Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – People, a Kenyan political party


  • Ford (surname), a surname (and list of people with the name)
    • Gerald Ford, 38th president of the United States

People with the given name

  • Ford Madox Brown (1821–1893), English painter
  • Ford Madox Ford (1873–1939), English author
  • Ford E. Stinson (1914–1989), Louisiana state legislator
  • Ford Quint Elvidge (1892–1980), second Civilian Governor of Guam
  • Ford Rainey (1908–2005), American actor



  • Ford Ice Piedmont
  • Ford Island (Windmill Islands)
  • Ford Massif
  • Ford Nunataks
  • Ford Peak
  • Ford Ranges
  • Ford Rock
  • Ford Spur

United Kingdom

  • Ford, Argyll
  • Ford, Buckinghamshire
  • Ford, Derbyshire

  • Ford, Chivelstone, a hamlet in South Hams, Devon
  • Ford, Plymouth, Devon, a suburb
  • Ford, East Devon, a location in Devon
  • Ford, Holbeton, a location in South Hams, Devon
  • Ford, Torridge, a location in Devon
  • Ford, Gloucestershire
  • Ford, Herefordshire, a location
  • Ford, Merseyside
    • Ford (ward)
    • Ford railway station (Merseyside)
  • Ford, Northumberland
  • Ford, Pembrokeshire, a parish of Hayscastle
  • Ford, Shropshire
  • Ford, Mendip, a location in Somerset
  • Ford, Somerset West and Taunton, a location
  • Ford, Staffordshire, a location
  • Ford, West Sussex
    • Ford railway station
    • HM Prison Ford
  • Ford, North Wiltshire
  • Ford, Salisbury, a hamlet of Laverstock

United States

  • Ford, Georgia
  • Ford, Kansas
  • Ford, Kentucky
  • Ford, Virginia
  • Ford, Washington
  • Ford, Wisconsin
  • Ford Block, a historic commercial building in Oneonta, Otsego County, New York
  • Ford Center (Evansville), an indoor arena in Evansville, Indiana
  • Ford Field, a stadium in Detroit, Michigan
  • Ford Hospital, active in the 1920s, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Ford Island, Hawaii


  • Ford, County Wexford, Ireland, a village


  • Ford Cup (disambiguation), in junior hockey
  • Ford Cup (tennis)

Other uses

  • Ford (mango), a mango cultivar from Florida
  • Ford circle, in mathematics
  • Ford v Quebec (AG), a landmark Supreme Court of Canada case on freedom of expression
  • Douglas F4D Skyray, nicknamed Ford, an American jet fighter of the 1950s and 1960s
  • USS Ford, the name of several ships
  • Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier, or Ford-class, a group of American ships
    • USS Gerald R. Ford, the lead ship of the USS Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier

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  • Fjord (disambiguation)
  • Forde (disambiguation)
  • Fords (disambiguation)
  • Henry Ford (disambiguation)
  • Fforde, a surname
  • Ford High School (disambiguation)
  • Ford Theatre (disambiguation)
  • Ford & Lopatin, an American music group
  • The Henry Ford, a museum complex on part of Henry Ford's estate in Dearborn, Michigan
  • Tirtha (Jainism) (Sanskrit for "ford")
    • Tirthankara (Sanskrit for "ford-maker")


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