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Dodge 330

The Dodge 330 is a mid-size car that was marketed by Dodge in 1962 only as a trim level above the base Dodge Dart and in 1963 and 1964 as the base trim of the mid-size lineup. It is one of the first unibody vehicles using the B-Body and was available in 2-door or 4-door sedan body designs with the 1962 models designed by Virgil Exner with the 1963 and 1964 models revised under Elwood Engel. The 330 name was discontinued in 1964 (1965 in Canada).


The car had a 119 in (3,000 mm) wheelbase and was 208.1 in (5,290 mm) long. There was also a higher trimmed 440 and Polara available.

The base engine was the 225 Slant-Six. The 318 2bbl, 361 2bbl, 383 2bbl, 383 4bbl, and 426 4bbl were optional.

As an intermediate trim level above the Dart, it came standard with a cigarette lighter, front foam cushions, and rear arm rests.

The Dodge 330 Max Wedge was a 330 2 door sedan powered by the 426 Max Wedge with dual 4 Barrel Carburetors and 415 hp (309 kW). It was available in both years, mostly ordered as a super stocker for the race tracks.

For the 1965 model year, full-sized Dodges were built on the new C Body with a 121 in (3,073 mm) wheelbase, and the 330 and 440 were both replaced by the new, bigger Polara. The 880 now took the Polara's former place in the lineup. In Canada, however, the 330 was continued for one more year as the base model full-size Dodge (using the new-for-1965 body).


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