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Lexus LM

The Lexus LM is a luxury minivan produced and manufactured by Japanese brand Lexus, a luxury division of Toyota. Introduced in 2019 as the first minivan from Lexus, two generations of the LM have been produced with varying degrees of relation with the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire. The first generation LM was available as a seven or four-seater with petrol and hybrid engine options from 2020 to 2023. As of the second generation, the LM is exclusively a hybrid, and is available in four, six, and seven-seater configurations.

The LM designation stands for "Luxury Mover".

First generation (AH30; 2019)

The first-generation LM was unveiled on 16 April 2019 at the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition and first released on 20 February 2020 in China. Based on the third-generation Alphard, the LM is slightly longer than the Alphard it is based on, measuring in at 5,040 mm (198.4 in) long.

Compared to the third-generation Alphard, the LM features newer and stronger structural components, along with additional soundproofing elements such as dual-pane windows. There were two seating configurations available, a 7-seater configuration that is based on the Alphard Executive Lounge variant, and a 4-seater configuration named the "Emperor Suite", based on the Alphard Royal Lounge variant. The LM features a new suspension setup featuring Swing Valve technology.

The first-generation LM was available in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asian markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Despite being built in Japan, the first-generation LM was not available there.


Two engine options are available, a 2.5-liter 2AR-FXE hybrid four-cylinder in the LM 300h, and the 3.5-liter 2GR-FKS V6 in the LM 350 (2GR-FE for the Hong Kong market).

Second generation (AW10; 2023)

The second-generation LM debuted on 18 April 2023 at the Shanghai Auto Show. The model is further distanced from the Alphard/Vellfire with a different bodywork and a separate model code.

The model is exclusively sold as a hybrid vehicle, abandoning the conventional petrol model from the previous model, now having only a petrol hybrid version.

The model features the latest iteration of the "spindle grille" that is hexagon-patterned, replacing the large spindle grille of the outgoing model, while the Lexus emblem moves from the grille to the hood. The A-pillars are blacked out to create a full floating roof effect.

A first for Lexus, the second-generation LM debuts "Rear Climate Concierge", which integrates controls of the air conditioning, sunshades, lighting, seat position, etc. The LM also features heated armrests and ottomans, another Lexus first, and is available with a 48-inch rear screen.

Two models will be offered, 350h and 500h, with Lexus' Direct4 electric four-wheel drive system available. It will be available in three configurations: 4-seater, 6-seater, and 7-seater, as well as 4 exterior colors: Black, White, Beige, and Red. With the new generation, Lexus has expanded its availability by launching it in over 60 countries, including in Europe, Australia and Japan for the first time. Despite this, the LM will not be available in North America.



The LM went on sale in Japan in mid October 2023. It is available as the 500h Executive grade only. The LM is available in 4 exterior colors (Sonic Quartz, Sonic Titanium, Graphite Black Glass Flakes, and Sonic Agate), and two interior colors (Solis White with Satin Copper trim, and Black with Satin Silver trim). Test drives for the LM are slated to be ready in January 2024. The 6-seater and 7-seater models will be available at a later date.

As is tradition for most Lexus and Toyota models available in Japan, the LM gains a styling kit from Toyota's Modellista division. It includes a front lip spoiler, a rear bumper spoiler, side skirts, a chrome garnish for the front and rear, and side garnishes for the front end forward the air intakes. 19-inch alloy wheels complete the exterior appearance, while a lacquered panel is fitted to the interior partition to complete the kit.


The LM 350h was officially launched in China in August 2023. in November 2023, The LM 500h 4-seater and 6-seater models will be officially launched at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show.


The LM was introduced in Spain in late May 2023. It will be available in the UK in the third quarter of 2023.


The LM will be available in Australia in December 2023, and will start its model years in MY2024. In June 2023, the LM received regulatory approval for sale in Australia.


The LM was officially launched in India in August 2023, with bookings commencing on 24 August.


The LM was officially launched in Thailand in 1 September 2023. It is offered in Executive 7-Seater and Executive 4-Seater.


The second generation LM uses the same engine used on multiple vehicles based on the GA-K platform, such as the A25A-FXS and T24A-FTS engines. The LM 350h will have 184 kW (247 hp; 250 PS), whereas the LM 500h will have 273 kW (366 hp; 371 PS).


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