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Chevrolet Series H

The Royal Mail models H-2 (1914–15) and H-2½ (1916), the Amesbury Special model H-3 (1915) and the Baby Grand model H-4 (1914–16) were American cars made by Chevrolet. It was replaced by the Chevrolet Series F in 1917.


The Baby Grand was one of the first automobiles made by Chevrolet under W.C. Durant, GM's founder. It was part of his idea to build a car to compete with the very popular and affordable Ford Model T. When it first came out, it was priced at US$875 ($26,616 in 2023 dollars ) as a four-door, 5-passenger touring car (a 1914 Model T touring was US$500 ($15,209 in 2023 dollars )). A speedometer was standard. One advantage over a Model T Ford was that a Baby Grand could get an electric starter (the Model T did not get them until 1919).


In 1914 the Series H debuted with the H-2 Royal Mail Roadster and the H-4 5-seater Baby Grand Touring model, both with a 104 in (2,642 mm) wheelbase.

In 1915, all Series H models got a longer 106 in (2,692 mm) wheelbase and larger brakes, and an electric starter was now standard.

Also for 1915 Chevrolet introduced the Amesbury Special model H-3, a 3-seat roadster (similar to the Royal Mail) that sold for $985. It came painted in French grey with green patent leather interior. The standard wheels were the plain wooden spoke type, but most of the cars sold had the optional Houk wire wheels which cost $125 extra and were painted green to match the interior. This model was dropped after one year due to lack of sales.

In 1916, the Royal Mail model H-2½ was introduced which was the first integral trunk for Chevrolet with gas tank in the rear between the frame rails.

The Series H models were moved upmarket when the $490 Chevrolet 490 was introduced in June 1915 to compete directly with the Ford Model T.

Total Chevrolet production for 1913 was 5,987.



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