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Mazda CX-8

The Mazda CX-8 is a mid-size crossover SUV produced by Mazda since the end of 2017. It is a three-row version of the CX-5. The CX-8 was Mazda's flagship SUV in Japan, as the larger, export-only CX-9 is not sold in the country. Outside of Japan, the CX-8 is available in China, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.


First unveiled on 14 September 2017 in Japan, the CX-8 is the only three-row SUV offered in the country, and became the only three-row vehicle offered by the company following the discontinuation of Mazda minivans such as the Biante and Premacy.

While bearing resemblance to the second generation CX-9, and sharing the same outer tail lights, the CX-8 is 17 cm shorter in length and 13 cm narrower in width to conform to Japanese conditions. Within a few weeks after its introduction in Japan, Mazda dealers received over 12,000 orders from consumers in Japan.

Initially announced as a Japan-exclusive model, Mazda introduced the vehicle in Australia in July 2018 and positioning it below the slightly larger CX-9. Unlike the CX-9, the CX-8 is available with a diesel engine option. It is also assembled and marketed in Malaysia since late 2019, also for exports to several Southeast Asian countries.

Offered with three-row seating, it is available in a seven-seater configuration with second row bench seat, and a six-seater configuration where the second row consists of captain seats with a center console as an armrest, storage and includes cup holders. With the third row seats in place, the CX-8 offers 209 litres of luggage space.

The CX-8 was initially offered only with a 2.2 L Skyactiv-D diesel engine, but a choice of two I4 petrol engines was added in 2018: a 2.5 L Skyactiv-G (PY-VPS) from the CX-5 and a turbocharged version of the same engine from the CX-9.

In October 2023, Mazda announced Japanese production of the CX-8 would end at the end of the year. It will be discontinued in Japan, Australia and New Zealand once stock is depleted. The Mazda CX-80, set to be revealed in 2024, will serve as its direct replacement. Production of the CX-8 in Malaysia is unaffected, and will continue until at least 2026.


Marton Pettendy of Australian publication Motoring gave the CX-8 a rating of 84 out of 100, praising the quality and refinement, performance and economy, and diesel power for less than the CX-9, but criticizing the tight rear head/leg room, sub par warranty and service intervals, and the lack of a spare tire and CarPlay.

Malcolm Flynn of Australian publication CarsGuide rated the car 8.1. out of 10, praising its ease of parking compared to the CX-9, more useful boot space than the CX-5, and its comfortable ride, but criticising its lack of a petrol engine and CarPlay, and the steep price jump between the Sport and Asaki trims.

Paul Maric of Australian publication CarAdvice gave the car a rating of 7.9 out of 10, calling it a "compelling proposition for families that need the extra space of an occasional third row and the fuel economy of a diesel engine."



The CX-8 went on sale in Australia on 1 July 2018, in two grades: Sport and Asaki. It is powered by a 2.2-litre Skyactiv-D diesel engine. AWD system is optional on the Sport grade and standard on the Asaki grade.

In March 2020, two new grades for the CX-8 range was added: Touring and GT. The 2.5 Skyactiv-G petrol engine was added as the base engine option below the 2.2 Skyactiv-D diesel, comes only as front wheel drive.

In March 2021, two new grades were added: Touring SP and Asaki LE (6-seats). The latter grade is only available with a diesel engine.

In January 2022, the CX-8 range was simplified by Mazda adding more petrol variants and discontinued diesel FWD variants, as over 70% of customers choose the petrol engine option.

In May 2023, the facelifted CX-8 range debuted in Australia, with 6 grades available at launch: Sport, Touring, Touring Active, GT SP (replaced both the Touring SP and GT grades), Asaki, and Asaki LE. Engine options remain the same, the 2.5 Skyactiv-G badged as G25 and the 2.2 Skyactiv-D badged as D35, all wheel drive comes standard only for diesel engine option.

In October 2023, Mazda Australia announced the CX-8 would be discontinued, with Japanese production to cease at the end of the year. Around 25,000 examples of the CX-8 have been sold in Australia since it launched in mid-2018. In Australia, the CX-8 will be replaced by the CX-80 three-row SUV set to debut in 2024.

New Zealand

The CX-8 was launched in New Zealand on 20 June 2018, with 2 grades available at launch: GSX and Limited. It is powered only by a 2.2-litre Skyactiv-D diesel engine, with an AWD option available for both grades.

An updated CX-8 range went on sale in May 2019, with two grades available: GSX and Takami. The model series received a mild facelift in February 2023 for the Takami edition with the introduction of:

  • New silver mesh design radiator grille
  • Black leather seats (previously wine red colored)
  • Paddle shift gear control
  • Glass sunroof power sliding and tilt
  • Larger 10.25-inch widescreen colour display infotainment screen
  • Mazda Mi-Drive system with off-road capability for unsurfaced roads, and snowy conditions.
  • Body coloured wheel arches and bumper mouldings

It is still powered by the 2.2-litre Skyactiv-D diesel engine.


The CX-8 was launched in Vietnam on 23 June 2019, with 3 grades: Deluxe, Luxury, and Premium. All grades are powered by a 2.5 Skyactiv-G petrol, and an AWD option is available for the Premium grade. It is locally assembled at Truong Hai Auto Corporation plant in Quảng Nam Province.


The CX-8 went on sale in Malaysia in November 2019, with 4 variants available at launch: 2.5 Mid 2WD, 2.5 Mid Plus 2WD, 2.5 High 2WD, and 2.2D High AWD.

In June 2022, the trims for the updated CX-8 have been revised, variants consists of: 2.5 Mid 2WD (7-seater), 2.5 High 2WD (6-seater), 2.5 High Plus 2WD (6-seater) and a new 2.5T High Plus AWD (6-seater).The AWD system on 2.2D High Plus trim had dropped and now only available as 2WD.


The CX-8 was launched in Thailand on 14 November 2019, sourced from Malaysia, with 4 variants available at launch: 2.5 S, 2.5 SP, XDL, and the XDL Exclusive. All variants comes with 7-seats. The '2.5' variants are powered by a 2.5 Skyactiv-G petrol and the XD' variants are powered by a 2.2 Skyactiv-D diesel, all wheel drive is standard on the top variant.

In October 2021, a new variant 2.5 SP Exclusive (6-seater) is released.


The CX-8 was launched in Indonesia on 22 November 2019, with 2 grades available at launch: Touring and Elite. The former grade is a 7-seater, and the latter grade is a 6-seater. Both grades are powered by a 2.5 Skyactiv-G petrol.


The CX-8 was launched alongside the Mazda CX-30 on 28 November 2019, it is offered in two grades: Signature and Exclusive; it is powered by a 2.5 Skyactiv-G petrol engine. The former grade has a seven-seat configuration and comes only in front-wheel drive, while the latter comes with a seven-seat configuration and comes only with all-wheel drive.


The CX-8 was launched in Singapore by Eurokars on 16 October 2020, with 2 grades available: Elegance and Luxury, it is powered by a 2.5-litre Skyactiv-G petrol engine. The Elegance grade comes only with 7 seaters, and the Luxury grade has the option between 6 or 7 seats.



External links

  • Official website (in Japanese)
  • Official website (Australia)


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